NZ-5 Manual Winding Machine Dual-purpose Hand Coil Counting Machine Winder Multifunctional Tools

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Product Description

Features :
NZ-5 type hand electric dual-purpose counting and winding machine Can coil around the maximum diameter of 150mm / 5.9in .Hand winding machine series, this series of hand winding machine adopts gear transmission, a pointer or electronic counting.Handheld winding machines are perfect for home electronics projects to commercial packaging of products typically sold in coils.The Solid Handheld Winding Machine is dual purpose between electric and manually winding of coil. This series of hand winding machine adopts gear transmission, mechanical counting.A coil winder is a device which is used to create tight, evenly wound coils. It has a counter which is easy to read when determining the amount of rings on the coil. 
Specification :
Model: NZ-5Color: BlackMaterial: MetalMaximum diameter of the coil: 300mmMaximum width of the coil: 150mmWinding cable diameter: 0.01mm-0.8mmCounting range: 0-5100 roundsTransmission ratio: 1:6 
Package includeds :
1x NZ-5 Manual Hand Coil Winding Machine Winder 

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