Mining Case ETH BTC Open Air Miner Frame Rig Coin Graphics Case For 6-8 GPU with 5 Fans

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Product Description

For multi card equipped with an independent space, not only effective against a variety of dust and foreign body, but also establish a good channel, make good use of every inch of space for better graphics card work to enhance the computing power.
Size: 120*120*38cm
Voltage: 12V (IDE power supply)
Speed: 4000 ± 10RPM
Air volume: 160CFM (MAX)
Leaf number: 7 leaf
Line length: 300MM
Support power: 1PCS ATX MINING PSU
Support graphics card: 6PCS OR 8PCS
Support fan: 12CM*5PCS
Main board: ATX/MICRO-ATX
Support graphics card: 6PCS OR 8PCS
Color: silver
- Six card external connection mode solid capacity installation:
- Six PCIE external adapter cards can be supported at the same time, easy to disassemble and install.
- 1MM thick galvanized sheet:
- 1MM thick slab, shielded electromagnetic radiation, and anti rust and solid.
Convective duct:
- Good use of every inch of space, at the same time, the use of a violent fan convection heat dissipation, especially in the summer, will protect the graphics card very well.
- Adjustable suspension developing card frame:
- The suspension card rack can avoid direct contact with the bottom of the chassis, reduce resonance and static interference. The adjustable card slot design can be applied to all kinds of graphics card height, and can be tightly fixed.
Extension line strength:
- It is marked with 5 violent fan positions, which can support 20CM long power supply.
Package Included:
1 x Open Air Mining Miner Frame 
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