DIY Square 8x8x8 3D Light Electronic Cube Kit Blue Red LED Spectrum Board

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3D 8*8*8*8 LED cube is a DIY kit. User should weld and install it.
3D8 is the all-in-one a work of art, such as a C language, elect ronic technology. It is reality, economical and highly cost effective. It doesn't just use for decorate, but also can help you learn more professional knowledge about electronic. And you can achieve more and more gorgeous effect.
Power supply voltage: 4.5 – 5.5V
PCD size: approx.11.1*12.7cm
Weight: about 233g
Dynamic 3D effect:
1. Pyramid.
2. Rain graphic effect
3. Leaping graphics effect
4. Rotating graphic effect
5. Square move effect
6. Square light move effect
7. Lamp standard rollover effect
8. Square magnify and shrink effect
9. Reverse lamp
10. TriangIe three-dimensional graphics rotation effect
11. Article lamp running effect
12. PulI screen graphics effect
13. Fast and slow display
1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3. Please allow 1-3cm error.

1PCB circuit board  1
2Blue Light LED 3mm512
31*40P Round female pin  2
4DIP-20 IC SocketU1-U8 8
6USB to DC005 cable  1
7DC005 Socket  1
8DIP-1 SIC SocketU9 1
10DIP-40 IC SocketU10 1
11STC12C5A60S2(with code)U10DIP-401
12A09-103 ResistorJ110K ohm1
138*8 Self-locking Push SwitchS1 1
14Electrolytic CapacitorC1,C410UF 25V2
15Crystal OscillatorY112Mhz1
16Ceramic CapacitorC2, C322PF2
17ResistorR3-R1O470 ohm8
18ResistorR1, R24.7K ohm2
19Red LEDD13mm 
200.8 single conductor  1

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