3Pcs Constant Current Power Supply Kit DIY Regulated DC 0-30V 2mA-3A Adjustable

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This is a high quality regulated power supply kit with adjustable output voltage from 0-30V and current from 2mA to 3A. 
When the output current is greater than the set current, LED light, the circuit automatically switches to constant current mode, which can effectively protect the load.
Model: POW-CC
PCB size: 92.4 x 80mm
Input voltage: AC 15-24V, maximum 24V
Input current: 3A
Output voltage: 0-30V
Output current: 2mA-3A
Voltage ripple: 0.01
Fan voltage: DC24V
Want to get 30V / 3A output, the need to use more than 100W transformer, and ensure Q4 has good cooling.
This power supply can only use AC as input
Input AC 15V, the output DC 0 – 18V
Input AC 20V, the output DC 0 – 25V
Package includes:
3 x Constant Current DC Power Supply Kit

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